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For 40 years now, our wholesale nursery has been growing a broad selection of classic and unusual plants for the Pacific Northwest and beyond – and every year we’re still just as excited about looking for new plants or putting together intriguing collections for the new season.  Be sure to check out our new additions for 2015. And don’t miss Ketchup ‘n’ Fries®, our tomato-grafted-to-a-potato plant, and Pixie® Grape, the world’s first dwarf grape! The Register Guard, a newspaper out of Eugene, has published a great article titled Unexpected Edibles, all about these two new varieties.

Also, don’t miss our brand new GROW HAITI collection: a special plant collection celebrating Haitian food, history and culture. GROW HAITI is a fundraiser for The Lambi Fund of Haiti, which has supported sustainable agriculture, development and reforestation initiatives in Haiti, run by Haitians, since 1994. Click here to read or listen to a recent NPR story by Tom Banse that features the GROW HAITI plant collection. This link will take you to a poster featuring GROW HAITI. Also, here is the Grow Haiti Variety List and here are some Grow Haiti Recipe Suggestions!

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Green Gardening with Ann Lovejoy

Log House Plants introduces Green Gardening with Ann Lovejoy, an invitation for you to visit with Northwest garden writer Ann Lovejoy in her garden and kitchen.

Grafted Vegetables

This traditional technique dramatically improves vigor and yield. Read more on our grafting page; SuperNaturals website; Press Releases (SuperNaturals and Territorial); and the Colbert video.