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Gardening Without Pain

Print PDFStretch Or Kvetch All week, I’ve visited with groaning friends who can’t stand up straight, or don’t dare sit in a soft chair, can’t turn their heads, or can’t bend without yelping. I too am somewhat incapacitated by a … Continue reading

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Training Trees And Vines On Walls

Print PDFWall Candy I’ve always lusted after one of those multi-grafted fruit trees, with compatible varieties chosen to cross-pollinate each other and produce several kinds of fruit on a single tree. However, my resident deer population is equally interested in … Continue reading

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Over-Wintering Edible Tropicals

Print PDFKeep Those Tomatoes & Peppers Coming (Or Going) A friend recently sent me a link to a hot pepper-grower’s site that offered suggestions on over-wintering your pepper plants. While I haven’t tried this with peppers myself, I have over-wintered … Continue reading

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When Tent Caterpillars Arrive, Be Safe & Sane

Print PDFDon’t Burn Down The House For the past few years, I’ve been seeing an occasional baggy web that indicates the resurgence of tent caterpillars. It’s been quite a while since their last true infestation, which was a memorable one. … Continue reading

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