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Reviving Frozen Plants

Print PDFAfter The Freeze As a series of cold fronts ripped through the Northwest, many of us struggled to shelter and protect borderline hardy plants. Draped with floating row cover cloth, sheets, or bubblewrap, temporary structures can provide a few … Continue reading

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Home Grown Figs Inside Or Out

Print PDFA Fabulous Fig Feast The high summer heat of August brings many garden treasures to fruition, from tomatoes, tomatillos, and peppers to peaches, persimmons, and plums. Amongst all this bounty, the first ripe figs stand out for their luscious, … Continue reading

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Gardening Without Pain

Print PDFStretch Or Kvetch All week, I’ve visited with groaning friends who can’t stand up straight, or don’t dare sit in a soft chair, can’t turn their heads, or can’t bend without yelping. I too am somewhat incapacitated by a … Continue reading

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Training Trees And Vines On Walls

Print PDFWall Candy I’ve always lusted after one of those multi-grafted fruit trees, with compatible varieties chosen to cross-pollinate each other and produce several kinds of fruit on a single tree. However, my resident deer population is equally interested in … Continue reading

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