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Cover Crops Boost Soil Power

Print PDFTo Build Soil And Foil Weeds, Sow Fall Cover Crops Though summer is fading, the still-warm days of fall are an excellent  time to do all sorts of garden chores, from planting trees and shrubs to prepping new beds … Continue reading

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Restocking The Kitchen Garden

Print PDFFeeding The Garden & You The rains are back, and though the days are still beautifully warm, night temperatures are dropping once again. As summer gently fades away, the garden soil is still warm enough to make a lovely … Continue reading

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Not Killing Birds, Bees, Butterflies and Fish

Print PDFNo NeoNics In Plants, Gardens, Food… Bees have deservedly been getting a lot of news coverage lately, especially in terms of their susceptibility to the gigantic class of synthetic tobacco-type poisons. Neonicotinoids or neonics have been clearly implicated in … Continue reading

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Growing Spectacular Strawberries in Containers

Print PDF  Splendid Strawberries For Every Garden Strawberries are among America’s favorite fruits, appearing in everything from salad dressings and cereals to toothpaste and lip balm. Since strawberries rank first on the list of foods that retain significantly high levels … Continue reading

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