Annuals (bedding plants) D-K


'Corona Cherry Magic' - These sun-lovers grow 8 to 10 in. tall. Has large flowers  – 2.5 to 3 in. across. The blooms show a unique mixture of solid cherry, lavender with cherry centers and “tie-dyed” lavender and cherry pattern. Compact and early blooming.

'Elation Mix' -  Among the fastest to flower and best branching series.  Naturally compact, extremely uniform and free flowering.  4-8" with 1.5" blooms

'Elation Violet'  - see above

'Super Parfait Raspberry' - Early flowering, compact plants, in a color combination of royal crimson flowers, each with a deep crimson eye.  Height 6-8 inches. Plant in well-drained soil in full sun.

'Valentine' - Thrives in full sun. Growing only 10-12" tall, the compact plants are adorned with masses of 1" brilliant red and pure white flowers.  Growing only 10-12" tall, the compact plants are adorned with masses of 1" brilliant red and pure white flowers.

Dusty Miller

'New Look' - Large silver white oak like leaves, grows 10" tall.

'Silver Lace' - Dusty fern like silvery foliage.Plant in full sun in fertile well drained soil, Mound forming. Grows 6-8 inches.

'Splash Series' - A fine houseplant or bedding plant for the shade, the Polka Dot Plant grows just 12 inches tall and 9 inches wide and the foliage is dark green very heavily splattered with red blotches. Plants have better color in partial shade than full sun. Colors: Red, White, Pink


‘Accent Pink Picotee’
‘Accent Salmon Picotee’

'Dazzler Series' - Have a compact and uniform growth habit producing masses of 1.5" single flowers all season long. Should be grown in partial shade to nearly full shade with early morning or late day sun. Plant in fertile well drained soil. Height: 8-10”. Colors:  Deep Orange, Rose Swirl, Star Mix

'Super Elfin Blue Pearl' - The 8 to 10-in. plants are covered with masses pastel lavender-blue blooms. Compact and well-branched. Grows 8-10” tall and 24” wide.  Plant in shade.

'Super Elfin XP Series' - A must have for shade gardens. Mounded,upright habit with advanced uniformity. Grows 8-10”. Series colors range from Violet, Blue Pearl and Punch to scarlet red…blooms spring to summer.

‘Super Elfin Bold Mix’
‘Super Elfin Deep Pink’
‘Super Elfin Melon’
‘Super Elfin Red’
‘Super Elfin Rose’
‘Super Elfin Salmon’
‘Super Elfin Star Cherry’
‘Super Elfin White’
‘Swirl Coral’
‘Swirl Monet Mix’
‘Swirl Raspberry’

'Swirl Monet Mix' – Extra early dwarf. Uniform free flowering plants in a mix of picotee colors including swirled shades of coral, raspberry and rose. Perfect for baskets, containers and landscapes. Grows to 10”.

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