Annuals (bedding plants) L-M

'Blue Moon' - Neat, compact 6 inch mounds are covered with showy ½ inch blooms from spring  until frost. They are excellent for edging flower or vegetable borders and are one of the very best annuals for containers. The Moon Series is much more heat tolerant than most other lobelias. Likes full sun in mild summer areas and part shade where it is hot.

'Palace Series' - Early flowering maintains a more compact habit than other varieties. Does best in rich moist, well-drained soil, in full sun or partial shade. Varieties include Crystal Palace, Palace with Blue Eye, Palace Lilac, Palace Royal, Palace White.

'Riviera Series – Extra early-flowering, mounded series. Plants bloom about 15 days earlier than standard varieties. Growers Flowers profusely in an extensive range of colours. Ball-shaped plants stay compact and mounded, making them perfect for beds, borders, containers and color bowls. Grows to 5”. Colors:  blue eye, blue splash, lilac, marine blue, midnight blue, rose, sky blue, white. Sun or shade.

'Regatta Sapphire' - Flowers up to 4 weeks earlier than other trailing varieties. Sapphire plants flower profusely, putting on a show in hanging baskets, larger containers and color bowls. Grows to about 6 - 8 in. tall and then cascades over the edge of the container.


'Aurora Yellow Fire' - Sizzling blend of crimson and yellow, all on big, fully double blooms that completely cover plants all season long. Early and compact, they bloom nonstop all season.The flowers are 2 1/2 to 3 inches across, and mound 10-12 inches.

'Durango' Series - A great choice for season long color. Blooms Spring to late summer. Full sun to light shade in fertile well drained soil either in beds or containers. Attract Bees, Fragrant Flowers, Scented Foliage, Heat Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Frost Tolerant. Colors:  Bee, Bolero, Flame, Gold, Orange, Red, Tangerine,Yellow

'French Vanilla'

'Galore' Series -  4-inch  tight  blooms that appear as a solid mass on compact plants. Self cleaning as spent flowers disappear under fresh blooms. Excellent for bedding, pots, tubs, patios etc. Flowers mid to late summer. Height 16-18in. Colors: Orange, Yellow

'Gem' Series - Brilliant masses of dainty 1/2" blooms. Species marigolds have fine lacy foliage with a lemony scent and are edible. Spice up a salad with the brightly colored tarragon-flavored petals. Excellent for rock gardens, flowerbeds, containers, and window boxes.  Prefers well-drained soil, and is hardy and weather resistant. Blooms late spring through fall frost. Grows 10"-20" tall. Colors: Lemon, Maroon

'Safari' Series - Safari Mix, Safari Yellow Fire

'Sunburst' Series -Big, 3-inch single blooms with frilly center and large, long petals, giving this marigold more of a daisy shape. The plants grow to 14 to 16 inches with a denser, better-branched habit than traditional French or African types. Colors: Orange, Orange Splash, Yellow, Yellow Splash

'Taishan' Series - Gold, Yellow, Orange

'Zenith Series'  - A cross of the French and African species, Zenith is one of the largest marigolds. The glorious rich double blooms, reach 3 to 4 inches wide and they begin early and stay late in garden or container. Plants grow 14-16 inches. Full sun. Colors: Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Orange Red.

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