Annuals (bedding plants) N-Z

Nicotiana (Dwarf varieties)
'Babybella' - Airy clouds of medium green foliage and deep antique-red tubular flowers. Vigorous, well-branched plant. Compact, good for garden or container. Grows 7 inches in pots, 20 inches in the garden. Full sun.

'Hummingbird Series' - Flowers late spring thru summer. The 1-2 inch flowers attract hummingbirds. Excellent for containers or beds. Full sun to partial shade. Grows 10-12 inches.

'Starmaker' Series - Brightly colored heat-lovers put on show in landscapes and cntainers producing a canopy of flowers. Very compact and well-branched. 12" tall with 10" spread.

Colors: Lime/Purple Bicolor, Appleblossom, Bright Red, Deep Lime, Pink Picotee, Rose, White

'Celebrity Burgundy Frost' - Burgundy colored with white margin. Midsize 3" flowers in abundance, superior garden performance.

'Celebrity Raspberry Ice'

'Daddy Mix' – Heavily veined large 4” flowers mostly in the blue, pink and red color spectrums. All colors have strong contrasting deeper coloured veins. Grows to 10 inches.

‘Debonaire Dusky Rose’
‘Debonaire Lime Green’

'Double Cascade Series' –Early, compact with huge 4-5” flowers. Grows 10-15 inches. Colors: Blue, Burgundy, Mix, Orchid Mist, Soft Pink

'Double Madness Mix' - Big, double 3" blooms. Attracts hummingbirds. Grows to 15 inches. Sun to part shade.

‘Double Pirouette Purple’
‘Double Pirouette Rose’
‘Double Sonata’

'Dream Series' – Free flowering, tight branching habit, excellent garden performance. Grows to 10 inches. Colors:  Fuchsia, Midnight, Neon Rose, Red, Red Picotee, Rose Morn, Sky Blue, White

'Madness Series' - ‘Madness’ series petunias have big, 3-inch flowers in many veined and solid colors. They are compact and bloom until frost. Grows 10-15”. Full sun. Colors:  Burgundy, Lavender Glow, Midnight, Orchid, Plum Crazy, Red Morn, Red Picotee, Royal, Sheer, Simply, Yellow, White.

'Merlin Blue Morn' - Early to bloom the Merlins maintain a dwarf compact plant habit. When planted outdoors, they retain that compact 10 in. habit, yet throw out a tremendous amount of 2 1/4 in. blooms. Blue edge with large white throat.

'Picobella' Series - Picobella has a nice mounded habit and is covered with petite 1-2”  flowers. These miniature petunias are ideal for patio containers, pots, bedding, window boxes and hanging baskets. Colors: Blue, Carmine, Light Lavender, Red, Rose, Mix, Salmon, White.

'Prism Sunshine'  - The large, bright yellow blooms fade to cream and are often veined in lime green. Long flowering period and excellent all weather performance. Grows to 12”. Full sun.

‘Sophistica Antique Shades’
‘Sophistica Blue Morn’
‘Sophistica Lime Bicolor’

'Blue Ribbon' – Deep blue flowers with white ribbon. 13-15"

'Evolution Violet Deep' - Unique deep violet flower spikes stand above bushy mounds of deep green foliage, making an impressive feature plant in summer displays right up until first frosts. Grows to 15”. Full sun.

'Lady in Red' – Bright scarlet red half hardy perennial. Grows 12".

'Salsa Mix' – Great garden performance in sun & shade. Grows 12-14”.Colors: A mix of Burgundy, Light Purple, Rose, Salmon, Scarlet and White.

'Scarlet Queen' – Upright and bushy with leaves that are oval, light to deep green, to 3" long. Widely grown for its dense, terminal spiked, brilliant scarlet, tubular summer flowers. Thrives in full sun. Heat and drought tolerant. Attracts bees, butterflies and hummingbirds.

'Sizzler' Series – Dark green foliage.  Blooms early on compact plants. Grows to 12”. Colors:  Burgundy Halo, Burgundy Stripe, Lilac Bicolor, Queen, Red, Red Halo, Red Stripe, White, Mix.

'Victoria Blue' – Deep blue flowers on deep blue stems flowering from Spring to first frost. Grows to 14”.

'Vista' – Early flowering. The dense flower spikes and the dark green foliage keep growing and hold their color intensity through out the season. Grows to 12”. Colors: Burgundy, Lavender

‘Hit Parade’
‘Star Parade’


'Bronze Dragon' – Deep, shining purple, almost black foliage, rust-resistant. Gorgeous, purple and white bicoloured blooms with prominent carmine throat and soft lips. High contrast container plant. Grows to12”.

'Floral Showers Bicolor Mix' – Dwarf, extra early, bred for short-day length. Mix of Apricot, Bronze, Crimson, Fuchsia, Lavender, Rose, Scarlet, Yellow, White. Grows to 8”.

'Montego' Series – Dwarf and early and a superb garden performer. Grows to 8-10”. Colors: Blush, Burgundy bicolor, Fire Mix, Orange bicolor,Rose Bicolor, Sunset.

'Rocket Mix' - Choice for cut flower or garden bloom. Upright branching spikes with fragrant florets. Grows to 30”. Attracts bees and hummingbirds. Vigorous, heat-tolerant plants. Full sun to light shade. Includes shades of bronze, lemon, orchid, pink, red, rose, white and yellow.

'Rocket Red' – Choice for cut flower or garden bloom. Upright branching spikes with dark red fragrant florets. Grows to 30”. Attracts bees and hummingbirds. Vigorous, heat-tolerant plants. Full sun.

‘Twinny Bronze Shades’ (AAS)
‘Twinny Peach’


'Profusion Series' – Free flowering, self cleaning with dense spreading habit. Profusion Series is more weather tolerant than any other Zinnia, accepting coolness, high heat, arid conditions, or high humidity.Grows to 10". Colors: Cherry, Coral Pink, Deep Apricot, Fire, Mix, Orange, White, Yellow, Double Cherry, Double Fire, Double Golden Yellow, Double White.

‘Star Gold’
‘Star Orange’
‘Star White’

‘State Fair Mix’
‘Swirl Cherry & Ivory’
‘Swirl Scarlet & Yellow’

'Zahara Series' – Larger flowers and brighter colors than 'Profusion', with high disease tolerance and low water needs.  High color impact over long season, in pots, planters and bedding. Unveiled at 2008 Summer Olympics in China. Grows 12-18”. Colors: Coral Rose, Scarlet, Mix, White, Yellow

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