Fibrous Doubles
‘Doublet Pink’
‘Doublet Red’
‘Doublet Rose’
‘Doublet White’

Gumdrops Series Begonia
‘Gumdrops Cherry Blossom’
‘Gumdrops Coco Rose’
‘Gumdrops Coco White’
‘Gumdrops Mandarin’
‘Gumdrops Pink’
‘Gumdrops Red’
‘Gumdrops Rose’
‘Gumdrops White’

Angelwing Begonia
‘Torch Red’

Begonia boliviensis
‘Bonfire Orange’
‘Bonfire Scarlet’

Species Begonia
Begonia fuchsifolia
fuchsifolia ‘Pink’
fuchsifolia ‘Red’
fuchsifolia ‘White’

Begonia bipinnatifida
Begonia partita ‘Maple Leaf’

Begonia ulmifolia
Begonia ‘Ikon’

Trailing Single Varieties
‘Million Kisses Devotion’
‘Million Kisses Elegance’
‘Million Kisses Romance’
‘Sparkle Rose’
‘Sparkle Salmon’
‘Sparkle Scarlet’
‘Beaucoup Red’
‘Beaucoup Rose’
‘Beaucoup White’

Trailing Double Begonia
‘Sherbet Bon Bon’


Hardy Fuchsia

‘Alice Hoffman’ White corollas sit beneath carmine-red sepals. Blooms are semi-double on compact, bronze foliage. Approx 16” tall.         

‘Army Nurse’ Violet corollas rest beneath carmine sepals. Double blooms, about 2” in diameter, adorn grass-green foliage. Bush variety.

‘Ariel’ Tiny pink, magenta, and green flowers are produced in the leaf axils. In the ground, it may grow from 2.5 to 3' tall, but is hardy only to zone 9, or 8. Small-leaved and deciduous, blooms summer and fall. Good bonsai plant!

‘Baby Blue Eyes’ Upright habit. Dainty single flowers have dark lavender corollas beneath red sepals. Blooms mid-summer/autumn. Free flowering. Height 2-3’.

‘Bandon’ Great single red flowers! Red corollas are topped with equally red sepals. Nice for baskets or borders.

‘Beacon’ (pink) A hardy fuchsia with an upright habit. Single blooms are deep pink/mauve. Suitable for bush training. Grow in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade. A good mulching in winter is recommended for shelter from cold, drying winds.

‘Bernisser’ Single, purple-red corolla with sepals of red. Blooms early to late summer. Has oval, green leaves and produce fruits that are edible but not appetizing. Mulch heavily where winters are cold. Great for the cooler climes of the Pacific Northwest summers.

‘Chillerton Beauty’ Small, single flowers. Sepals are pale pink, tipped in green. Corolla is mauve-violet with pink veins. Upright, bushy growth habit. Good coastal plant. 3’

‘Coral Belle’ Tender triphylla with an upright habit. Bunches of slender salmon-orange-red flowers. Long flowering period. Good conservatory plant. Part shade in any soil.

‘Display’ This fuchsia has an upright habit and is considered a versatile cultivar. The flowers are almost bell-shaped singles and pink with dark lilac centers. Plant in well-drained, fertile soil in full sun/partial shade in a sheltered position. A good mulching in winter is recommended. Suitable for full or half standard training

‘Dutch Pearl’ Red corollas jump out from beneath white sepals on this single fuchsia with bronze foliage.

‘Exoniensis’ Single purple-red corolla with sepals of red. Blooms early to late summer.

‘Genii’ Vigorous fuchsia with golden foliage and single flowers. Sepals are cerise, resting atop a violet corolla. Good coastal plant. Great in any moist soil, sun or shade.


‘Glendale’ Dark lavender-rose corollas are crowned with deep rose sepals on this single fuchsia with bronze foliage.

‘Lady Boothby’ Large darkish leaves. Vigorous growth is suitable for climbing through other plants or trees. Single and free flowering. Tube and sepals are crimson with a blackish-purple corolla. Rare.

‘Lady Thumb’ White corollas beneath cerise-red sepals are striking on this semi-double, free-flowering hardy fuchsia.

‘Leonora’ Double pink and purple corolla with sepals of pink. Single.

‘Little Jewel’ Light purple corollas beneath carmine-red sepals make this single fuchsia a big favorite.

‘Madam Cornelissen’ Sepals are scarlet-red, resting atop white corollas, veined with cerise. Semi-double.

magellanica ‘Aurea’
magellanica folia ‘Variegata’
magellanica gracilis
magellanica macrostema
magellanica ‘Riccartonii’
magellanica ‘Senorita’
‘Mrs. Popple’
‘Son of Thumb’
‘Tom Thumb’
‘Turkish Delight’

Trailing Fuschia
‘Archie Owens’
‘Blue Eyes’
‘Dark Eyes’
‘El Camino’
‘Flying Cloud’
‘Frosted Flame’
‘Seventh Heaven’
‘Golden Marinka’
‘Indian Maid’
‘Jack Shahan’
‘Marinka Aureum’
‘Mini Rose’
‘Patio Princess’
‘Pink & Purple’
‘Pink Galore’
procumbens ‘Variegated’
‘Red & Dark Blue’
‘Red Spider’
‘Swingtime Variegated’
‘White Eyes’
‘Willie Tamerus’

Upright Fuchsia
‘Alison Patricia’
‘Baby Anne’
‘Ballerina Blue’
‘Bella Rosella’
‘Blue Dancing Doll’
boliviana species
‘Buttons and Bows’
‘Coral and White’
‘Eden Rock’
‘Fun Times Pink’
‘Fun Times Rose’
‘Fun Times Salmon’
‘Hidcote Beauty’
‘Jingle Bells’
‘June Bride’
‘Lavender & Pink’
‘Light Year’
‘Love’s Reward’
‘Mid Winter’
‘Miss California’
‘Nici’s Discovery’
‘Party Girl’
‘Red & White’
‘Royal Hawaiian’
‘Santa Claus’
‘String of Pearls’
‘Tom West’
‘Traudchen Bonstedt’
‘Tricolor’ (neon)
‘Violet and Red’
‘White and Magenta’
‘Winston Churchill’


Scented Geranium

‘Candy Dancer’
‘Concolor Lace’
‘Lady Plymouth’
‘Lemon Fizz’
Pelargonium fragrans
‘Pink Capitatum’
‘Robers Lemon Rose’
‘Staghorn Oak’

Ivy Geranium

‘Blizzard Blue’
‘Blizzard Dark Red’
‘Blizzard Pink’
‘Blizzard Purple’
‘Blizzard Red 11’
‘Blizzard White’

Interspecific (Ivy x Zonal)

‘Caliente Coral Hot’
‘Caliente Deep Red’
‘Caliente Fire 09’
‘Caliente Lavender’
‘Caliente Orange’
‘Caliente Pink’
‘Caliente Rose’

Pelargonium spp.

p. crispum
p. reniforme ‘Sue Schultz’
p. tomentosum

Zonal Geranium

‘Calliope Dark Red’
‘Calliope Scarlet Fire’
‘Graffiti Double Red’
‘Graffiti Double Salmon’
‘Graffiti Fire’
‘Graffiti Pink’
‘Graffiti Violet’
‘Indian Dunes’
‘Mrs. Pollack’
‘Vancouver Centennial’
‘Wilhelm Langguth’


‘Musica Cherry Bicolor’
‘Musica Elegant Red’
‘Musica Fine Purple’
‘Musica Magenta’
‘Musica Orange Touch’
‘Musica Pink Aroma’
‘Musica Pink Bicolor’
‘Musica Pink Bride’
‘Musica Pink Energy’
‘Musica Pink Silk’
‘Musica Red Dark Bicolor’
‘Musica Red Espirit’
‘Musica Rosy Red’
‘Musica Ruby Red’
‘Musica Salmon’
‘Musica Spicy Orange’
‘Musica Spicy Red’

Mini Single Impatiens
‘Little Lizzy Cherry’
‘Little Lizzy Orange’
‘Little Lizzy Orchid Butterfly’
‘Little Lizzy Red’
‘Little Lizzy Rose’
‘Little Lizzy Salmon’
‘Little Lizzy Violet’
‘Little Lizzy White’

Sun Loving New Guinea Sunpatiens
‘SunPatiens Spreading Salmon’
‘SunPatiens Spreading White’
‘SunPatiens Spreading Corona’