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Winter Garden Chores

Turn buckets, containers, and pots upside-down so they won’t fill up with water and crack in the next deep freeze. Planted pots won’t be damaged even in a hard freeze, but be sure to empty any water jars that don’t have drainage holes. I put mine on their sides, filling the jars with gazing balls and glass garden ornaments for a bit of winter sparkle. Continue reading

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Favorites For The Holidays

Fortunately, satsumas need no cooking. They are marvelous just as they are, though I also love them tossed in salads. Here’s a beautiful and utterly delicious version I made a few days ago. The beet turns the satsumas and the dressing a pretty red and the ingredients have a lovely balance of earthy-sweet-salty-crunchy…yum. Continue reading

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Draining Away The Rain

One excellent way to take up excess water is with a bio-sponge bed full of plants that enjoy standing water. In order not to create a thirsty monster, choose natives that are accustomed to wet winters and dry summers. For instance, twiggy dogwoods, compact willows, reed grasses and many carexes Continue reading

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Cold Weather Comfort Food

In restaurants, bread pudding ranks among the favorite desserts, especially during the cooler months. That’s probably because that creamy, custardy confection is the quintessential comfort food for many of us. Sweet or savory, lively with added ingredients or purest simplicity, bread pudding smells like heaven and tastes like home. Continue reading

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