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Intrepid Indoor Gardening

Handle Cactus With Care Though our maritime Northwest winter are short, there are still many days when getting out into the garden is challenging if not dispiriting. When feeling garden deprived, it’s very easy to yield to the temptation to … Continue reading

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Sourdough For Beginners

  Bake Inexpensive Artisan Bread At Home I love bread. If I had to limit my diet to a few things, bread would top the list (followed closely by the cole family, the onion family, olive oil, apples, and cheese). … Continue reading

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Winter Garden Makeovers

  What To Do When It’s Too Wet To Garden Wet winters are tough on hardcore gardeners, who fret when kept out of the beds and borders. Sadly, soggy soil is especially prone to damage. When we walk and work … Continue reading

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Powerhouse Plants

Hardworking Plants That Earn Their Place Years ago, I was so in love with perennials that I used them anywhere and everywhere. Over time, I started to dislike the blankness of perennial beds in winter and started developing mixed borders. … Continue reading

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