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Recycled Manure Creates Power And Great Poo

This summer, I received a load of crap that made me very, very happy. I’ve been using aged cow manure in the garden for years, especially appreciating its soil conditioning qualities. Cow manure is weed free, thanks to cow’s multi-chambered tummies and the tiny seed-eating aphids that live in manure piles. It’s also the best top dressing I’ve ever found, looking (if not smelling) like chocolate frosting, a most handsome effect. Continue reading

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A Soulful Solstice With Holiday Treats

Make Your Own Organic Food Coloring

A few years ago, my home-share family came up with an ingenious way to make chemical-free colorful icing for holiday treats. After some experimenting, Stephi combined raspberry juice and beet juice to make a rosy, soft red icing that tastes fabulous. She then pureed fresh mint (recipes below) with flavorless rice oil to make a gentle green that toned perfectly with the red.
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Celebrating Seasonal Swings

Learning Wisdom From Contrast Winter holidays are often tinged with sorrow, since the dwindling year so often carries away the ill and elderly. This weekend, my family gathered to celebrate my mom’s passing with music and memories. She had carefully … Continue reading

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Where The Wild Things Are

Sour Dough Starters From Home Something about winter calls out the baker in many of us. When my kids were little, we spent many rainy winter days making and baking, not just sweet treats but bagels, soft pretzels, and all … Continue reading

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