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Celebrating With Plants & Pumpkins

Print PDFNature’s tapestry ofrenda Reimagining Traditional Holidays Yesterday an arborist pointed out a small colony of dwarf mistletoe, nestled high in a Douglas fir. I associate mistletoe with apple trees and winter holiday traditions, but this species (Arceuthobium douglasii) is … Continue reading

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Home Style French Soups

Print PDFPureed potato leek (and kale) soup with fresh herb garnish Garden-Based Cool Season Soups Recent oral surgery has me disgruntledly following a complicated and fussy regimen that disallows such delights as anything chewable and even restricts hot tea (!!!) … Continue reading

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Gardening Together, Happily

Print PDFNever too old to garden; our beloved Carol inspires us all The Goodness Of Gardening I’ve been very grumpy lately for a raft of reasons, not least because I’ve been living with a minor but uncomfortable and annoying health … Continue reading

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The Feast Of Saint Francis

Print PDFWho can resist a fluffy kitty like Sophie? Celebrating Animal Love On this celebration day for the sweetest spirited saint in the roster, I’m reflecting on how much my family loves our cat companions and the enormous cultural changes … Continue reading

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