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Snowdrops and Snow Crocus

The Secret to Naturalizing Minor Bulbs

Both snowdrops and crocus look lovely spangling the lawn or meadow, but if they are to naturalize, their hosting turf can’t be mown until their foliage withers and seed ripens. Since this typically occurs between late April and Mother’s Day, lawn mowers must leave the grass surrounding the bulbs until then. Continue reading

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Speedy Soup Making; Fast, Fresh, and Fabulous

Birthday Soup for Friday Tidies Over a dozen years ago, I started a volunteer group called the Friday Tidies to help maintain the extensive grounds at our public library on Bainbridge Island. After an expansion and remodel, the library parking … Continue reading

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I’m Feeling Treasured

An Island Treasure A few days ago, the winners of the 2011 Bainbridge Island Island Treasure awards were announced. What an honor to be chosen as someone who is treasured by my fellow islanders! I admit that, when notified that … Continue reading

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Winter Pruning

To clean up a damaged shrub, again begin by removing all deadwood. Many deciduous shrubs are clumping or thicketing in habit. These can be cut back hard in late winter to renew them from the base or sheared more lightly to remove seedheads Continue reading

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