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A Different Way To Celebrate

Redwall mousefest in action Creating An Alternative Holiday My grandkids are very fond of a book series called Redwall, in which heroic mice protect their land from various threats while eating an enormous amount of delicious food. As the characters … Continue reading

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Making The Most Of Quince

Golden quince shimmer in late autumn sun From Funky To Fabulous Lumpy, rock hard, and fiercely tart when raw, quince is an uncommon backyard fruit these days. However, cooking works magic on this unassuming fruit, which was once the ‘golden … Continue reading

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Serving The Planet With Plants

Even tiny gardens honor and serve the earth So Many Ways To Serve On Friday I facilitated a fascinating and troubling conversation with a group of service veterans, a few still active, most long-retired. They shared stories about some of … Continue reading

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Joyful In The Rain

Kale in its autumn coat Weary Plants Bounce Back After such a long drought, it’s been so soothing and peaceful to hear rain falling in the night. Our vintage mobile home has new insulation and a new roof, but even … Continue reading

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