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Gardening Through The Years

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Poppies are simply gorgeous Growing (Older) With The Garden Recently I’ve been visiting (in person and virtually) gardens of friends who have been gardening in the same place for many years. Seeing any gardens develop from exciting potential to abundant … Continue reading

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Reimagining Trash into Treasure

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Upcycling clothing with patching is satisfying and fun Fashion Frolic A few days ago, I hosted a delightful event where several dozen participants brought in garments for a reimagining session. Folks brought in all sorts of things, from a 60-plus-year-old … Continue reading

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Fogs and Frogs

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Tiny tree frogs love to live in flowers (Please) Do Not Disturb Despite prognostications about a dry year, the autumn rains have arrived with vigor, sometimes in glorious storms alive with lightning and rumbling thunder along with sudden torrential downpours. … Continue reading

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Late Blooms For Lingering Bees

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bee on rose If the little movie above doesn’t open for you, here’s my favorite bee pic 20-20-20 Trick For Tired Eyes A recent visit to my eye doctor has motivated me to do more daily walking, rain or shine. … Continue reading

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