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Easy To Please, Deer Resistant Bulbs

Deer are darling but they do love tulips On Beyond Tulips Autumn brings a rush of enticing bulb catalogs, their glossy pages full of glowing tulips and ruffled daffodils. Here in Deer Central, I don’t bother much with big border … Continue reading

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When The World Is Changing, We Change Too

Climate change helps peaches grow in Western Washington now Changing Along With Climate Change 

 When I sat down to write this post, I found myself getting sidetracked more and more readily, always a sign of reluctance to come to … Continue reading

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The Great Tomato Race

Perfect for cooking, canning, freezing… A Torrent Of Tomatoes It was 48 degrees when I got up this morning, though the sun broke through the marine layer early, quickly warming the day up by 15 degrees. Even so, it’s clear … Continue reading

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Appreciating Goodness Where We Find It

What to do when zucchini arrives Garden Bathing As Balm To An Aching Heart When dire daily news crushes my heart, the garden is the only place that truly refreshes my spirit. Yanking out weeds (with a muttered diatribe against … Continue reading

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