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Garden Inspired Flavored Vinegars

Turning Vinegars Into Magic Potions Now that the garden is bursting with lovely edibles, consider turning some of them into flavored vinegars. Specialty vinegars are made by heating vinegar with added spices, herbs, or vegetables such as chili peppers or … Continue reading

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Make Your Own Flavored Cooking Oils

Adding Spice–or Herbs–To Your Favorite Oils Flavored oils are a delightful addition to your kitchen staples. Use them to saute vegetables, sprinkle on pizza, flavor a soup or stew, or combine in salad dressings. Just a few drops can transform … Continue reading

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GE/GMO: What’s The Difference?

And Why A Safe Seed Pledge? I have written a fair amount about GMO crops and the problems associated with them. As it turns out, I really intended to be discussing GE crops. Who knew? Obviously not me. Why the … Continue reading

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Getting The Gold From Overgrown Gardens

Summer Editing: Giving Away The Garden After the slow, wet spring, the gardens are lush and full, packed with foliage and bursting with bloom. I’ve never seen such a year for dogwoods, the woody structure of which are almost invisible … Continue reading

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