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Starting The Day Off Right

Refreshing Daily Life Last winter, I realized that I have been teetering in the dim portal to a brighter new chapter in my life. I decided that even though I am not really clear about where I am headed, I … Continue reading

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Easy, Harmless Ways To Get Rid of Moss

Coping Constructively With Mossy Madness I always get a kick out of earnest magazine articles that explain how to create a mossy patina on clay pots. Evidently clean terracotta pots looks too obviously new and a mossy coat will give … Continue reading

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Spring Peas And Garlic Greens

What Could Be Sweeter Than The First Peas? Crisp, crunchy and delectably sweet, snowpeas rarely make it into real recipes at my house since they tend to get eaten right off the vine. However, I have a few special recipes … Continue reading

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Braising Brings Out The Best In Veggies

Sizzle ‘Em Fast, Stew ‘Em Slow I love the colorful, tasty leafy mixtures sold as braising greens at the farmers markets, but don’t like paying $10 a pound for them. Instead, I harvest my own blends of greens, including mustard … Continue reading

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