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Savoring Our Company As Well As Our Food

Slow Dining For Peaceful Evenings Slow dining is a grand concept but actually making it happen can be hard to wangle when everybody is rushing off to various meetings and engagements. Sadly, once the habit of leisurely dining is lost, … Continue reading

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Days of Slugs and Roses

Some Unsuspected Uses For Rose Foliage In horticultural terms, to combine slugs and roses–even mentally–is to travel from the sublime to the faintly obscene. Indeed, the two are rarely connected, for roses are one of the few plants which do … Continue reading

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Bringing In The Beneficials

Inviting Bees, Bugs and Butterflies One key to garden success is the garden’s ability to attract and host beneficial insects of many kinds. Not only will we experience better cropping as pollination rates improve, but beneficials also chase away or … Continue reading

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How To Find High Quality Compost

The True Cost Of Compost Making I hear from many gardeners who feel frustrated by the high cost and uneven quality of commercial compost. How can compost of the same brand, from the same supplier, vary so much in quality? … Continue reading

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