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Havens For Beneficial Bugs

Bees are beautiful Nurturing pollinators yard by yard Despite dire daily news about climate change and ecological destruction, I’m heartened to observe increasing interest in protecting and nurturing pollinators. Cute, fuzzy honeybees still get the most media attention, but there’s … Continue reading

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From Monoculture To Pollinator Picnic

Bees adore oregano Transforming Lawns Into Lunch I’ve written a fair amount about how trading monoculture lawns for pollinator patches can fight climate change, help the environment, save water, and bring your yard to life, but there’s always more to … Continue reading

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Natural Controls For Cabbage Whites

Fun craft project with kiddos Of Kale And Cabbage Butterflies Cabbage Whites, Cabbage Moths, Cabbageworm, all are names for the very common (yet introduced) Cabbage White Butterfly (Pieris rapae). Under two inches wide, white or cream with distinctive black dots … Continue reading

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Lose The Lawn, Mitigate Climate Change

Protecting pollinators nurtures life on the planet Making The Best Of The Worst Argh! Seems like every day brings more dire news about the environmental devastation climate change is causing. It makes me cry; sorrow for the planet feels like … Continue reading

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