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Make Delicious Organic Food Coloring

  Naturally Lovely Holiday Food My winter holidays are delightfully enhanced by my housemates, a young mom with a 9 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. It was fun to watch them decorate their tree with kitten-proof … Continue reading

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A Winter Meditation

  Welcoming Winter Like most gardeners, I’m a firm believer in celebration. Almost any event or occasion can be taken as an excuse both to make merry and to be consciously grateful together. The first snowdrops, the first flower on … Continue reading

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Lighting Up The Winter Garden

Winter In Willow Over the years, I’ve collected an amazing packet of pictures from a friend who lives–and gardens–in Willow, Alaska. Whenever I am tempted to moan about our relentlessly wet winters, I think about Les Brake, whose Willow garden … Continue reading

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Let’s Keep America’s Food Crops Safe

Just Say NO To GMO Until now, gardeners almost anywhere could safely grow organic food for their family. This year, several seed companies offered Roundup-resistant GMO seed corn for backyard food growers. Suddenly home gardeners have to worry that wind-blown … Continue reading

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