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Knit The Garden

  When In Doubt, Knit A Carrot Over the past few months, I’ve spent as much time knitting vegetables as tending them. Thanks to the birth of my grandson Oliver, my needles have produced carrots, peas in pods, and French … Continue reading

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Giving Beets Fresh Flavor Twists

I learned long ago never to peel or chop raw beets, since they make an unholy mess, though baby beets can be shredded skin and all in a food processor for lovely relishes and salsas (with red onion, sweet peppers, and raw corn). Continue reading

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How Dirt Makes Us Smart And Happy

  Soil Microbes Boost Happy Hormones A fascinating article by Sarah Agan posted on the Excellence in Government website ( posits health benefits from two of my favorite things; working in the garden and singing. Indeed, I always sing or … Continue reading

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Seasonal Savory Sauces For Almost Anything

Cross Humus With Pesto For Magical Mixtures A few months ago, a friend gave me a recipe for an utterly addictive dipping sauce. Apparently an Oregon restaurant makes something they call Yumm sauce that has sparked many cooks to try … Continue reading

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