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Roe Woe

Print PDFLiberty heading home in grief and disgust Loss Of Liberties, Trust, & Credibility How are you doing? Personally, I’ve been flip-flopping between broken hearted crying and being absolutely furious. Watching this disgraceful travesty of a Supreme Court take away … Continue reading

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Of Coffee & Pride

Print PDFJune Musings Yesterday I attended a remarkable program at the Bainbridge Island Art Museum, part of their DogEar Festival, a celebration of artists’ books and printmaking. This particular event was Queer Writers Read, with a stellar lineup of readers. … Continue reading

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Remembering And Looking Ahead

Print PDFWelcome starts at home There Is A Crack In Everything So far, this is the most heartbreaking Memorial Day of my lifetime. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. There’s so much loss to remember, and it’s so … Continue reading

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Planting Peas, Harvesting Peace

Print PDFMouse ear sized lilac leaves with budding bloom Of Peas and Peace Yesterday, I joined a peace rally in support of the Ukrainian people, sponsored by a local interfaith group, and over a hundred people gathered outside a local … Continue reading

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