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Grow Your Own Wasabi

Discover The Real Thing And Never Look Back After the usual cool spring, the night temperatures are finally on the rise. Now that’s it’s been a few weeks since night temps have plunged into the 40s, it’s safe to plant … Continue reading

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The Succulent Strawberries of May

  Savoring Home Grown Sweetness After the rush of imported strawberries in early May, the first locals (which appear from now into June) are to be treated like ephemeral treasures. Smaller and less showy than those super-sized California girls, the … Continue reading

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Vegan Ice Cream

No Dairy, No Sugar, No Soy… As summer arrives (more or less), our thoughts turn to cold treats like sunflowers turning to the sun. Mine do, anyway, and so do those of my dear family. Back in the day, I … Continue reading

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Purple Peruvian And Ozette Potatoes

  Fabulous Flavor And Pecks/Pecs From Heritage Spuds I love potatoes. Potatoes get a bad reputation with dieters, but these humble tubers have been the backbone of many a cultural cuisine for millennia. Until we slather them with tasty fats, … Continue reading

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