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Sustainable Bed Making

Raised Beds Don’t Need Wooden Sides Some years ago, I attended a workshop on wood safety, part of an environmental conference sponsored by a group called Beyond Pesticides. About 50 people were gathered for this workshop, which presented alternatives to … Continue reading

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Ladybug, Ladybug, Please Stick Around

Save The Good Bugs, Blast the Bad Bugs A friend recently called to say she noticed hundreds of ladybugs crawling on her sunny windowpanes. The odd thing was that the ladybugs were on the INSIDE of the windows. What’s that … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day, Living Love

Why I Passionately Love To Make Gardens Perhaps twenty years ago, I met a wonderful woman who wrote an inspiring book about heroism in women’s lives. I deeply enjoyed reading her book and invited her to tea in my garden. … Continue reading

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Speak Out For Wholesome Food

Vote With Your Wallet Who was responsible when California’s Prop 37, calling for clear labeling on GMO and radiated food products, was killed? The answer lies in the donors who funded the campaign to confuse voters with misstatements and distortions. … Continue reading

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