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What A Wonderful Day!

It’s a treat to find local chanterelles and coral mushrooms, but what a fabulous adventure mushroom hunting turns into when the rare and highly prized matsutake can be found. Continue reading

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Halloween Pasta

Singing For Our Supper I belong to a small folk music group (four people, not especially small folks) that’s been playing in various farmer’s markets over the summer, busking for donations for the local foodbanks. Last week, we played for … Continue reading

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Free Composting Materials

In really weedy situations, smother mulches can solve your problems surprisingly fast. Here in Kitsap County, county crews trialed smother mulches of various kinds on extensive mats of long-established ivy. Continue reading

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Wild Windy Weather

Though the October rains are still warm, sudden cold can swoop down from the North overnight, leaving frozen hoses, broken pots, and damaged plants in its wake. Before you move to that armchair for the winter, take a few minutes to get ready for the coming cold. Continue reading

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