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Bees Bring The Garden To Life

Bee Loved Blossoms On Friday, I sat by a large flowering currant bush, just beginning to bloom. Last year, this shrub was alive with bumblebees. This year, I waited for a scarily long time before spotting even one. Today, the … Continue reading

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Plant A Cauliflower Rainbow

From Bland To Bodacious Poor old cauliflower. A lot of people my age (and up) still think it’s totally boring, just another white food without a particularly distinctive flavor of its own. Maybe it’s because it used to get boiled … Continue reading

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Early Bloomers For Late Winter Gardens

Bulbs That Take Snow In Stride I’ve had several anxious questions about how bulbs might be faring in the recent to and fro of frost and snow. Happily, early bulbs are sturdy little critters that bounce back from snowy burdens … Continue reading

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Joyful Garden Design

The Gift Of Creativity As I’m preparing for the upcoming remodel of my vintage mobile home, there are lots of logistics to juggle. Which comes first, painting or roofing or flooring or kitchen? The order largely depends on the schedules … Continue reading

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