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Roe Woe

Liberty heading home in grief and disgust Loss Of Liberties, Trust, & Credibility How are you doing? Personally, I’ve been flip-flopping between broken hearted crying and being absolutely furious. Watching this disgraceful travesty of a Supreme Court take away rights … Continue reading

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Juneteenth, Pride, & Summer Solstice

Juneteenth As A National Holiday Loving The Longest Day Solstices are my favorite holidays, perhaps because they’re natural, true division points that mark the ebb and swell of the year. I remember a summer solstice spent in Anchorage, when it … Continue reading

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Cottonwood Fluff Is Nothing To Sneeze At

Cottonwood fluff is the snow of a la Nina June Fluffy Snow In June? Walking around our village yesterday, I noticed many people pointing at or playing with heaps of what looked like snow. It edged every planting bed and … Continue reading

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Of Coffee & Pride

June Musings Yesterday I attended a remarkable program at the Bainbridge Island Art Museum, part of their DogEar Festival, a celebration of artists’ books and printmaking. This particular event was Queer Writers Read, with a stellar lineup of readers. Two … Continue reading

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