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Covid & Community

Print PDFSimple & speedy chicken soup, good for what ails ya The Beautiful Community For the past few months, I’ve been helping to plan an annual community event celebrating the social justice legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For … Continue reading

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Helping Hummingbirds (And People)
 Make It Through The Big Chill

Print PDFHummers are beautiful but feisty birds Cold And Snowy Holidays While we were expecting to have low key holidays, another unprecedented weather event made them almost nonexistent. I can’t remember such a string of below-freezing days, let alone nights … Continue reading

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Counteract Winter Blues With Winter Greens

Print PDFWinter greens taste even better after a touch of frost Walk In The Light The temperature is dropping, or is it just my mood? If you’re finding it difficult to get ready for winter, let alone winter holidays, you’re … Continue reading

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Pretty Pomander Balls Smell Sweet

Print PDFLeave room between cloves because the orange will shrink Medieval Air Fresheners Back in the day—WAY back—even high-born European people lived in filth and squalor that would make most modern teenagers look like neatniks. With no understanding of the … Continue reading

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