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Savory Salty Seasonings

Each kind of salt has its own particular qualities, which is why lots of cooks keep around a dozen kinds on hand. For everyday cooking use, medium coarse sea salt and kosher salt are excellent, inexpensive and widely available. Flaked sea salts melt fast, providing more salty zing with less sodium. Natural “finishing” salts offer a specific, unique flavor, from black or red Hawaiian lava salt and Indian black sanchal salt to slightly sweet French grey sea salt. Continue reading

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Celebrating & Remembering

Everybody loves mashed potatoes with gravy, so here’s a really delicious vegan version made with buttery-tasting avocado oil. Reserve some potato water (the cloudy stuff at the bottom of the pan) for the gravy, and recycle any leftovers as potato cakes.To give plant-based gravy a fuller, richer flavor, use buttery avocado oil, and umami-rich mushrooms, adding a little nutritional yeast to round it out. Use your favorite mushrooms, or a mixture of white buttons (highest in antioxidants) and tasty brown field mushrooms, or chanterelles or shaggy manes, or whatever you like best. Continue reading

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The Magic Of Mexican Sour Gherkins

Print PDFPre-Pickled Gherkins This summer, I organized the planting for a marvelous accessible play space called Owen’s Playground. Besides swings and slides and climbing rocks, we installed a spiraling series of beds that hold a wide assortment of sensory plants, … Continue reading

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Smoking Fruits And Vegetables

Print PDFWhen Smoking Is A Good Thing This weekend, my band, Time & Tide, played at the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market. As usual, we had a grand old time, and as usual, we brought home fresh produce, but this time, … Continue reading

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