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Aiding & Abetting Carbon Draw Down

Clearly, the bigger our property, the better we can help build soil humus levels and improve carbon storage, but even landless apartment dwellers can help. All of us can get involved with local and regional projects where knowledge about soil sequestering may be missing. Community gardens, local farms, land trust use, public land use, school districts and local and regional parks can all benefit the earth through better soil stewardship. Most will need encouragement to do the needful, and that’s where you and I come in. Continue reading

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Perfect Potatoes In Any Soil (Or Nearly None)

And Joyful Gardening The Lazy Way Those whose gardens have been over-run by enthusiastic potato escapees may wonder why on earth anybody needs to know how to grow potatoes. They might rather inquire how NOT to grow potatoes. However, the … Continue reading

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