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Strawberry Fields Aren’t Forever

Marshall Strawberries At Their Best Strawberry Stories Are Complicated As I write, I’m eating a handful of sweet strawberries and thinking sadly about racism and my much loved island community. Years ago, Bainbridge Island was called “the fruit basket of … Continue reading

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Decoration Day

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in-and out Stormy Weather And Silver Linings This Memorial Day is the most painful I’ve ever experienced. In the past, I thought of it as many people seem to; … Continue reading

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The Great Pause

Obviously we CAN stop, because we just did. But now what? It’s my deepest hope that we don’t try to return to business as usual, and I’m pretty sure that will prove impossible anyway. Instead, we seriously need to find new ways to live and work. Today I was moved to tears (yes, again) to learn that the governors of Washington, Oregon and California announced a Western States Pact, a plan to carefully restart our shared economies, putting the health and wellbeing of all our people first. The plan is based on science-based information, in vivid contrast to the amorphous national strategies of confusion, confustication and bebotherment. Continue reading

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