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The Very Best Black Bean Soup

just love home dried soup beans–tender, almost creamy, with soft skins and robust, lively flavors that get lost in commercially dried beans. Tonight I made soup with our own black beans that really was fabulous. Continue reading

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Seasonal Raspberry Controls

Raspberries appreciate good garden soil with plenty of humus and good drainage is essential (many are susceptible to root rots in wet winters). A carpet of well-rotted compost in fall and spring promotes lovely, full flavor (compost helps develop flavor by building brix or natural sugars in fruits and vegetables). Continue reading

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Mushroom Season: Chanterelles and Matsutake

It’s mushroom time again and the soft, damp autumn has made for terrific crops of chanterelles, both white and golden. I especially love these tender mushrooms, which have a faint scent of apricot and a delicate, almost buttery flavor. Continue reading

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fall crops benefit from kelp, milk, and compost

After such a challenging summer, this mild autumn has been very kind to late crops. Despite being the wettest autumn on record, there have been enough clear days to encourage terrific growth on everything I planted in September and even … Continue reading

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