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Holiday Habits And Highlights

A pandemic quilt in progress Potato Leek Soup, With Gratitude As a child, I always enjoyed the way that autumn and early winter seasons are spangled with holidays that brighten the darkening days and lengthening nights. However, as I’ve been … Continue reading

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Having A Pandemic Holiday

A Candle For Hope And Renewal Sharing Gratitude and Hope As winter approaches, millions of people are rethinking their usual holiday habits. With the pandemic picking up speed, with thousands of new cases announced daily, November is shaping to be … Continue reading

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Lessons From The Compost Heap

Bidens still going strong after our first frost Time For Real Change As the dust settles after the most explosive, contentious election of my lifetime, I find myself slowly unwinding, releasing tensions I wasn’t even aware of. After four years … Continue reading

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Pumpkins Galore

Pie In The Sky By and By Halloween Leftovers Though Halloween was certainly quieter this year, with no happy gangs of children trick or treating, lots of folks went over the top with decorating, lighting up the early dusk with … Continue reading

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