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Recycling Halloween Aftermath

Homemade Plastic-Free Halloween Decorations Composting Pumpkins & Stuffing Stuffies Last night, our modest community experienced our first Halloween costume parade event. Though only a handful of our 50 homeowners put up decorations, those that did, did it with delightful gusto … Continue reading

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Celebrating With Plants & Pumpkins

Nature’s tapestry ofrenda Reimagining Traditional Holidays Yesterday an arborist pointed out a small colony of dwarf mistletoe, nestled high in a Douglas fir. I associate mistletoe with apple trees and winter holiday traditions, but this species (Arceuthobium douglasii) is a … Continue reading

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Home Style French Soups

Pureed potato leek (and kale) soup with fresh herb garnish Garden-Based Cool Season Soups Recent oral surgery has me disgruntledly following a complicated and fussy regimen that disallows such delights as anything chewable and even restricts hot tea (!!!) for … Continue reading

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Gardening Together, Happily

Never too old to garden; our beloved Carol inspires us all The Goodness Of Gardening I’ve been very grumpy lately for a raft of reasons, not least because I’ve been living with a minor but uncomfortable and annoying health condition. … Continue reading

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