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Very Unhealthy

Print PDFI Can’t See Clearly Now Wildfire season is upon us and it’s terrifying this year. In recent weeks, dozens of wildfires have ravaged West Coast states. Washington lost 626,982 acres in five days last week. Oregon and California have … Continue reading

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Plum Jam And Pandemic Prickles

Print PDFA gift indeed Of Plums And Roses This has been a very hard few weeks, and the best thing about them is that the neighborhood plums are ripe. Cooking, preferably cooking for others, is one of my favorite self … Continue reading

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Heat And Light

As an indicator species, I’m delighted that she is making her summer home with me. It means that despite the tiny size of my garden overall and the ridiculously teeny shade garden, there’s enough food and shelter for her here. No toxic pesticides, of course (!). Since our cats are strictly indoor critters with their own lovely catio/greenhouse/sunroom, she has only natural predators like crows and snakes, which so far haven’t made their way into the sheltered, partially covered shade garden. It’s a very small world, but perhaps it’s enough. I’ve added a nice smooth rock for her to rest on, and I’ll certainly be sure to keep the birdbath bowl just full enough so she can keep her head above water and stay cool when the heat is on. Continue reading

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At The Crossing Of Bitter & Sweet

Print PDFReveling In Chicory, Endive & Radicchio Chinese medicine practitioners often note that Westerners don’t know how to “eat bitter”. The phrase refers both to foods, such as bitter tea, bitter greens, and bitter melons, and to the capacity to … Continue reading

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