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Home And Garden Editing

It’s very obvious (to anyone weeding my driveway, at least) that nature’s first principle is abundance. If I pull the dozens of crowded, over-eager seedlings that blue the edges of the beds, I know very well that the act of weeding will bring dozens of seeds to the surface. The most willing seeders are often plants of disturbance, whose seeds germinate most freely when exposed to light and air rather than smothered under muddy clay.
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Flowers For A Family Wedding

Print PDFThe Perfection Of Imperfection The daughter of dear friends was married this weekend and I’ve been privileged to lend a hand at various stages along the way. Wedding celebrations are so very personal (or can be) and when I’m … Continue reading

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Garden Tour Courtesy

Print PDFA Visitor’s Guide I just spent a delightful weekend as a docent in the glorious garden of a dear friend. Though most of the interactions were very positive and pleasant, a few triggered this (hopefully gentle) reminder. It’s timely, … Continue reading

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When Kissing Cousins Marry

Print PDFYou Say Tomato, I Say Potato It’s not often that a childhood fantasy comes true, but my, how delightful when one does. As a kid, I was fascinated by a neighbor’s mail order plant catalogs, especially those that featured … Continue reading

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