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Late Blooms For Lingering Bees

bee on rose If the little movie above doesn’t open for you, here’s my favorite bee pic 20-20-20 Trick For Tired Eyes A recent visit to my eye doctor has motivated me to do more daily walking, rain or shine. … Continue reading

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Protecting & Nurturing Native Bees

Pollinator Garden, one year old and already flourishing On Beyond Honeybees As I was watering the year-old pollinator garden at the Senior Center this morning, I noticed over a dozen kinds of bees busy at work. That made me very … Continue reading

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Nourishing Native Pollinators

Nectar is not the only attraction in a well stocked garden, so don’t get bugged by bugs. Having a haze of insects hovering over your beds will just about guarantee you a host of birds (even hummers need protein as well as sweet desserts) as well as butterflies. Housing helps too; many grasses (especially stipas) are butterfly friendly host plants, while roses offer building material to leaf cutter bees along with their pollen and nectar. That’s a large part of why I tidy the garden in late winter and early spring rather than in autumn; putting off the work protect and supports native pollinators and when I finally get around to it, there’s a lot less to do, since so much as self-composted in place. Continue reading

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Save The Bees, Please

Protecting Our Beloved Bees A reader recently asked me to write about bees. Most gardeners are aware that  if ripe flowers don’t get pollinated, no zucchini–or whatever–can happen. Fewer people realize that a large percentage of all fruits, flowers, vegetables … Continue reading

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