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Kachoo, Kachoo, Is That You? (Or Me?)

Kosher salt contains no plastic microbits, now sadly found in sea salts Garden & Kitchen Cures For Colds & More Last year, colds were rare and there was almost zero flu going around, as isolating, social distancing, and masking helped … Continue reading

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Make Time For Tea

Dried rosemary, calendula and rose petals make a lovely tea Herbal Teas For Wild Windy Days

 Got time for a cup of tea? I’m working on recipes for calming, fragrant, soothing herbals blends that take the edge off our poor … Continue reading

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Seasonal Shifts

Do slugs die when they eat deadly Amanita mushrooms? Daylight Savings & A Death Cafe, With Cake On Sunday morning, I was caught off guard by the clock on my stovetop, which was not in synch with my phone. At … Continue reading

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Recycling Halloween Aftermath

Homemade Plastic-Free Halloween Decorations Composting Pumpkins & Stuffing Stuffies Last night, our modest community experienced our first Halloween costume parade event. Though only a handful of our 50 homeowners put up decorations, those that did, did it with delightful gusto … Continue reading

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