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The Feast Of Saint Francis

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Who can resist a fluffy kitty like Sophie? Celebrating Animal Love On this celebration day for the sweetest spirited saint in the roster, I’m reflecting on how much my family loves our cat companions and the enormous cultural changes the … Continue reading

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The Great Tomato Race

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Perfect for cooking, canning, freezing… A Torrent Of Tomatoes It was 48 degrees when I got up this morning, though the sun broke through the marine layer early, quickly warming the day up by 15 degrees. Even so, it’s clear … Continue reading

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Lose The Lawn, Mitigate Climate Change

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Protecting pollinators nurtures life on the planet Making The Best Of The Worst Argh! Seems like every day brings more dire news about the environmental devastation climate change is causing. It makes me cry; sorrow for the planet feels like … Continue reading

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When In Drought, Make Herb Salts

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Genovese basil salt tastes fabulous Helping Pollinators Through Dry Summers My bee keeper friend Charles showed me a picture of his bees during our recent heat dome event. Except for a few guards left to mind the glass-sided hive, hundreds … Continue reading

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