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Time To Plant Cool Season Starts

Long considered peasant food, kale boasts dozens of beautiful, tasty forms that can be harvested pretty much year round. Over the past decade, kale won a place in the trendiest of kitchens, especially in gorgeous forms such as Beira, a Portugese Sea Kale with large, tender leaves of jade green ribbed in ivory. The thick ribs are as crisp as celery, while the leaves, sliced into chiffonade, are delicious in soups and stir fries. Brilliant grass green Prizm won awards when introduced in 2016 and no wonder; the almost stemless, super curly, cut-and-come-again leaves are excellent raw or cooked. I also love Oregon-bred Dazzling Blue, partly because I like the song (thanks, Paul Simon) but mostly because it’s amazing; blue-green foliage with bright pink ribs tastes as sweet as its lacinato parents. Continue reading

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Welcome Kalettes & Cousinly Crosses

Who Can Resist These Ruffled Beauties? After a decade or so of acclaim, kale needs neither introductions nor accolades. However, some delicious, new-to-the-family crosses are just hitting nurseries, markets, and high-end restaurants this year, notably kalettes. As I mentioned in … Continue reading

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Kalettes, Wasabi and Colorful Cauliflower

Grow The Newest Trendy Foods At Home I work at the local library, a dream job if there ever was one. As I soft and shelve books, I notice that the balance of most-checked-out books is shifting from cook books … Continue reading

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