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Lighting Up The Winter Garden

Print PDFWinter In Willow Over the years, I’ve collected an amazing packet of pictures from a friend who lives–and gardens–in Willow, Alaska. Whenever I am tempted to moan about our relentlessly wet winters, I think about Les Brake, whose Willow … Continue reading

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Bringing In The Beneficials

Print PDFInviting Bees, Bugs and Butterflies One key to garden success is the garden’s ability to attract and host beneficial insects of many kinds. Not only will we experience better cropping as pollination rates improve, but beneficials also chase away … Continue reading

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Weed Control Strategies

Print PDFLearn To Love Your Weeds No matter how hot, how dry, how wet, how cold–indeed, whatever the weather, the weeds seem to love it. The benign maritime Northwest is a generous host to many an unwanted import that makes … Continue reading

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Winter Pruning

To clean up a damaged shrub, again begin by removing all deadwood. Many deciduous shrubs are clumping or thicketing in habit. These can be cut back hard in late winter to renew them from the base or sheared more lightly to remove seedheads Continue reading

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