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Of Covid & Valentines

Print PDFBrighten your corner with a card or note Why Wait For Valentine’s Day? I was recently invited to send Valentine’s Day cards to people who might not get any. I love that idea and decided to start making some. … Continue reading

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Covid & Community

Print PDFSimple & speedy chicken soup, good for what ails ya The Beautiful Community For the past few months, I’ve been helping to plan an annual community event celebrating the social justice legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. For … Continue reading

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Helping Hummingbirds (And People)
 Make It Through The Big Chill

Print PDFHummers are beautiful but feisty birds Cold And Snowy Holidays While we were expecting to have low key holidays, another unprecedented weather event made them almost nonexistent. I can’t remember such a string of below-freezing days, let alone nights … Continue reading

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Renewing Winter Holidays

Print PDFBathing With Citrus For Luck And Pleasure Celebrating Solstice Happy New Year! Already? Yup; the Winter Solstice marks the Solar New Year and this change point has been celebrated around the world for millennia. Even in the tropics, the … Continue reading

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