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Beating The Winter Blues

As I weed and edit in my garden, I find myself leaving a lot of what definitely looks messy. Those battered, fallen logs often shelter slumbering bee larvae and sagging plants can be protecting butterfly cocoons. I’ve found dormant frogs nestled in heaps of old leaves and little bats hiding in deep cracks in leaning dead trees. However, while some kinds of mess looks naturalistic, others just look like crap. As I age, I’m experiencing the twin pulls of appreciating order and valuing the wild. I do get daily pleasure and satisfaction from Continue reading

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High Summer Huckleberry Heaven

Native Fruit Makes Good (Pies) Summertime, and the eating is…fabulous, especially now that the huckleberries are ripening. Indeed, f you want, you can skip all the chatter and cut straight to the recipes below, which I promise you will not … Continue reading

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